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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Yes, I fell off the WW wagon and it ran me over and I was left to bleed to death. Shame on me...what else can I say?!

I've really discovered over this past month or two how obsessive my personality can be. When I get my mind on something I give it my undivided, 24/7 attention. Balance has never been a strong point of mine; not in relationships, eating habits, etc. My latest "craze" has been obsessively planning a long-weekend get-a-way to Disney in September. Four short days yet I've spent hundreds of hours researching, planning...obsessing. Enough's enough! Time to put my focus back where it belongs! If I'm going to obsess, let it be over exercising and losing weight!

Tonight I'm headed back to WW to (1) buy a new journal (I can't stand using a "tainted" journal with failure days in it) and (2) to actually attend a meeting! It's the leader I can't stand, she bores me to death and doesn't seem to have any real interest in being there, but maybe...just maybe, she'll say something inspiring to help boost me back into the saddle again.


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