Kill the Muffin-Top!

The trials and tribulations of my journey to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday again?!

I just spent most of the weekend doing something I haven't done since...well, long before I was married or became a mom! Don't get too excited, it wasn't a "girls gone wild" weekend...far from it!

Friday night my DD and I went to see Cars. It was good - I would suggest it. I was a little surprised to find that I enjoyed it but glad that I did.

Saturday my DD had a friend overnight. Hmmm....what to do? Work in the yard? Spring cleaning? I decided to open a novel, something I haven't done, quite literally, in years. Before I knew it, the girls were fast asleep, I was curled up in bed with the book, and the TV stayed off. Shortly before midnight I closed the book and turned off the light, glowing in the realization I had just read a novel from cover to cover (A Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg)..

Sunday morning I woke with an almost giddy feeling...READ, I need to I grabbed another borrowed yet never started novel off the shelf (The Five People You Meet in Heaven). Late morning I headed out to the deck to spread out in the lounge chair and read. By early afternoon I was done it. Oh no!!! What to do now? Well the obvious...start another book! I think I've found a new hobby which feels totally self indulgent but one that I really enjoy. I spent the entire weekend relaxed. I slept better (maybe because I stayed up too late reading!), I didn't have "binging" issues, and even better, I ran out of smokes sometime Saturday and it not only didn't bother me, I realized I didn't need to run out and buy more, so I've been smoke-free since!

Guess reading a good book is one way to fill the voids which tend to over eating & smoking...who'da thunk?! LOL

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again!

I did it! Tuesday evening I went to WW and although I wasn't going to weigh in (very bloated that night) I decided, What the Hell...might as well have a current number to start with. I was up to 200.6, only 0.2 lbs. away from my original "starting weight" on February 17th. Ouch!! That's "a stick of butter" as the leader would say. But no excuses, I know why the scale was up, my fault completely. But that's the past.

Turns out the horrendously boring leader was absent Tuesday so I was pleasantly surprised to see Deb, whose meetings normally conflict with my schedule. I was once again reminded how important a good leader is to Success; too bad all the "good" ones have meetings when I can't go. Deb was funny, inspirational, encouraging and educational. I laughed, I learned, I even had fun. Now THAT is how the meetings should always be! Guess I need to find a way to start attending her meetings weekly, even if it means an upset in my daughter's bedtime schedule.

So with my newly dated journal in hand and new Points Calculator, I approached yesterday with the "3 P's": Planning, Preparing, Practicing. Corny I know, but maybe this will help remind me what I need to keep on track. Plan my meals, Prepare my meals, and Practice (do it!).

Yesterday for the first time in a VERY long time I stuck to my guns. I didn't go over in points. I ate healthy foods, which satisfied me emotionally and physically. I drank 64 oz. of water. I took my vitamin. And most importantly, I got on that treadmill for 30 minutes! Now granted, I didn't set it at an incline or at a high speed; my goal was to "just do it" for 30 minutes, no excuses....and I did. And tonight I'll do the same! I know that by exercising daily, even starting out slow, I'll build endurance each and every time. That's what I'm going for. Push myself a little more each day without hurting myself.

So I sat down with the calculator and calendar and figured out our Disney trip is exactly 16 weeks from yesterday. If I lose 2.5 lbs. per week I would be 160 lbs. by vacation. Still not a svelt figure but a far cry from 200 lbs.! Hell, any amount I lose by then will be better than nothing, but at 160 lbs. I won't be so far from my ultimate goal. And 40 lbs. is a lot of extra weight to be lugging around Disney! I'm picturing huffing & puffing, sweating and inner thigh rash. EEEWWWW!! At least at 160 lbs. I can hold my own, and fit into a pair of shorts! For comparison, a 1 lb. per week loss would put me at 184 lbs., and 2 lbs. per week would put me at 168 lbs, still "acceptable" under the circumstances (in my book). But 3 lbs. per week (yes, I know...not very likely or even healthy, but still possible I think) would put me at 152 lbs.!!!

....she says as she eats her Barilla Plus pasta & marinara, both carefully measured out before cooking...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Yes, I fell off the WW wagon and it ran me over and I was left to bleed to death. Shame on me...what else can I say?!

I've really discovered over this past month or two how obsessive my personality can be. When I get my mind on something I give it my undivided, 24/7 attention. Balance has never been a strong point of mine; not in relationships, eating habits, etc. My latest "craze" has been obsessively planning a long-weekend get-a-way to Disney in September. Four short days yet I've spent hundreds of hours researching, planning...obsessing. Enough's enough! Time to put my focus back where it belongs! If I'm going to obsess, let it be over exercising and losing weight!

Tonight I'm headed back to WW to (1) buy a new journal (I can't stand using a "tainted" journal with failure days in it) and (2) to actually attend a meeting! It's the leader I can't stand, she bores me to death and doesn't seem to have any real interest in being there, but maybe...just maybe, she'll say something inspiring to help boost me back into the saddle again.