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Thursday, May 04, 2006

What I Am NOT Doing...YET!

Not that long ago I posted "What I Am Doing". Call it a jinx, or more likely a series of unfortunate events which allowed me to make excuses and not take care of myself. Now I'm facing quite a large weight gain since my last WI two weeks ago. In fact, based on what my scale said the other day and how my clothes are fitting this week, I'd bet money I am back to my original starting weight from when I joined WW back in February. BOO HOO and DAMN MYSELF!!!

Alright, no pity parties here because this is all a result of MY actions, and lack thereof.

So what am I going to do about it?

I am taking a day of vacation tomorrow and have scheduled some past-due appointments: eye exam, hair cut, eyebrow waxing...and I'm going to do some serious regrouping, both physically (planning meals, setting up a beginner exercise program, etc.) and mentally (which means cleaning the house, sorting through old paperwork, etc.). My DD will be spending the day and night with her cousins on Saturday which gives me an extra 24 hours alone to do what needs to be done!

I have set up a new "weekly meal planner" so I can be better prepared with my meals and grocery shopping no matter what happens. At the drop of a dime I may be called down to take care of personal/financial issues for the in-laws but should that happen, I'll be ready. My FIL has a very poor heart which will never be strong enough for surgery so another heart attack is highly probable. My MIL has made it VERY clear to the family that should he die first, she will immediately take her own life. She has planned this for years, and nothing we say/do will change her mind. So as you can see, I am living on the edge of a very steep cliff. My heart races each time the phone rings!

I will WI tomorrow and although the results will be devastating, I must do this. I also need to buy a new journal because I'm very anal and I want the weeks to add up correctly especially since I will be starting WW "from scratch" on Saturday, the start of my "new week".

Have a great weekend everyone out there in bloggerland!


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