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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere

Yes, that's right; I'm a not-so-lean peeing machine! Today is Day 2 of drinking my water requirements and sticking to my points. I've been taking a multi-vitamin for the past week and I've said "bye bye" to those nasty cigs. Yet amazingly, I haven't ripped off anyone's head yet (even with it being that TOM) but that might be because I'm about as water-logged as David Blaine, but a whole lot smarter I must say!

The secret of my water-drinking success this week, other than determination, is this nifty, gawdy water jug:

Yes, I know it's tacky but it holds 72 oz. of water so I fill it up in the morning, take it to work (I keep it in the office fridge) and I can't go home until it's gone. And so far, the system seems to be working. Despite the fact I take my empty cup into the kitchen when no one's around, stand in the open door of the fridge and fill it as quickly as possible so nobody sees whose honkin' big jug it is!!! Just trying to fend off the critics as long as possible.


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