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Friday, May 12, 2006

Plop Plop Fiz Fiz

Rain, Rain, Go Away...Come Again Another Day...

My ass is just dragging this morning. Maybe because it hasn't stopped raining in 2 days?! It's cold, windy, rainy...what a miserable day. At first the rain was a welcome break - its the only way I can get my DD to go to bed at a reasonable time since the time change. When its dark and rainy outside it is much easier to convince her it is later than it really is. But my personality craves sunlight too, and from the recent forecasts it appears sunshine won't be around for several more days. Bah hum-bug!

Today is Day #5 of being smoke-free. YES, I know smoking is deadly, and expensive, and disgusting...I know all the facts. And yes I've tried quitting before. Like the food binger I am, I'm a closet-smoker. No, I'm not one of those skanky women puffing away on smokes in public, polluting everyone's air. Like the way I overeat, I smoke in hidden shame, visible to no one.

I know the first few days are the hardest, and I think I've officially gotten past the "worst" of it. How do I know? This morning, not once did I think about lighting up when I took the dog out to do his morning duty. On the way to work, after dropping off my DD, not once did I long for a quick smoke before work. In fact, it wasn't until I was getting out of my car and work and instinctively reached down to make sure my cigs weren't showing in the car door and realized for the first time today, that was the first thought of smoking I had. Now THAT is serious progress in my opinion!!

This week I really put my feet to the fire and wanted to stick to WW 100%. I tried, but it wasn't easy. I KNOW I can do it, but I was on a bit of a rollercoaster with the whole quit-smoking adventure. But I did it, and I feel like I've passed that dangerous mark (where I could slip backwards at any moment). So in the big scheme of things delaying my weight-loss efforts another week shouldn't be the end of the world. Quitting smoking is very difficult but I'm doing it, so staying OP should be a piece of cake in comparison, right? And I did stick to the program quite a bit this week, just not as well as I should have. So no fears comrades, I haven't deserted camp yet, nor do I plan to!


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