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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ab Lab

I survived the weekend which was anything but relaxing. Yet I didn't seem to get much done on Saturday or Sunday - how can that be?!

An "Ab Lab" is being offered at work on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks. It is only a 30 minute class but a real workout from what I've heard. Since the session is being offered once again, I think I may give it a shot. It's a real commitment for me considering I'm already spread so thin these days but this class might be just what I need to tone up the abs a little. Okay, my abs need A LOT of toning but this class would be a start, without overdoing it as a beginner. My stomach used to be my best asset; that's now long gone. I'd love to start redifining my waist while I whittle away at the body fat. Yes, I think I'll give it a shot. What do I have to lose, other than inches?!

I am so damn hungry today! I put myself back OP today and I feel famished. Guess my body is used to all the grease & fat I was pumping it full of the last few weeks. To help ease the transition a little I'm treating myself to a yummy dinner while still staying OP. I plan on grilling out: a small tenderloin and fresh zucchini. I'll saute up some fresh spinach, garlic and a bit of olive oil for added fuel. I hope it all turns out; I'm not exactly a master chef and using a grill is about as foreign to me as any country outside the USA. I've actaully defrosted 2 steaks in case I destroy the first one! LOL


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