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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kickin' Butt

Things are finally coming together for me in my weight loss journey. I've found a great online support forum (BCB) and I finally feel like it's all clicking. I've discovered great recipes and tips; better yet, I'm actually putting them to good use!

Last night I weighed in with a 2 POUND LOSS. Finally! The last two weeks I shamefully gained but that won't be happening anymore. I'm shooting for an even bigger loss next week now that I'm sticking to my Points and drinking lots of water. I am now focused and kickin' butt.

Well sort of...I still need to get active. And I will, now that I feel "I can do it". This week has been nuts but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. The brat fry was a success and I survived with minimal damage. Wouldn't you know...I was assigned to work the DESSERT TABLE!!! That's right...I was responsible for cutting the desserts and placing them on little plates. There was ooey gooey stuff stuck to the knives and spatulas but I didn't snitch. I had to wash those empty pans filled with sinful globs of goo but not once did I drag my fingers thru it! This in itself is a miracle. I just DON'T bypass such temptation. Or shall I say, "I used to never bypass such temptation". This was my "ah-ha" moment when I realized that I CAN do this. I won't say the temptation wasn't there but it didn't get the best of me. I stood firm and slayed that Dessert Monster!


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