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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Aftermath

The Easter holiday didn't go as smoothly as I predicted last week. It's my fault; I gave myself excuses I chose to accept instead of being true to myself and my commitment to stick to Weight Watchers. Shame on me, but yesterday is now the past and I can only live in the present and look to the future.

Last night and today I have suffered for my betrayal. I finally realize just how awful I felt before starting WW, when I was eating anything and everything in sight and nighttime binges controlled me. I had trouble sleeping last night and oh, the heartburn. And bizzare dreams. So lethargic...I layed around on the couch last night which is SO unlike me. Did I mention today's unbearable gas?!?! My poor co-workers...No hiding it today.

This morning I jumped right back on track and I'm counting points again. Kashi hot cereal for breakfast and some green beans for a snack. So far, too gassy for lunch! Lots of much as I can choke down today. Thank goodness for True Lemon!

This week is going to be extra challenging. A local community group I'm a member of is having a brat fry tomorrow night and then the annual meeting (in which I move from member to officer). Tonight we have to set up as much as possible (chairs & tables, cut buns, fill coolers, etc.) It's a big local event so the next two nights will be crazy for me. Not to mention trying to get my daughter back on track with school (she's been on spring break the last several days) and Thursday night she starts soccer. Last night I was so incredibly lazy from the feasting so I didn't prepare meals for the week ahead which I like to do on Sundays. Looks like I'll be eating a lot of prepared soup (filling and low on points). I will not fail!


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