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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back on Track - WOO HOO!!

Yesterday was a great day as far as eating healthy. I even ended the day with 8 leftover points. Usually I'd welcome those points as an allowed freebie of junk food to satisfy me. But with careful planning I had a satisfying and filling day and really didn't need to finish off the remaining points. I also drank 64 oz. of water, a first for me in a long time. I felt good and slept decent so it's nice to know I've put myself back on track!

Today's challenging schedule puts me smack dab in the middle of a brat fry for most of the evening. I know I'll end up hungry by the time it's all said and done. I've strategically planned my day so I will not go to the fry hungry yet will have enough points left to allow myself a burger at the end of my shift. It feels great to know I can still enjoy such indulgences without throwing it all out the window. As for the beans, potato salad & homemade desserts...I can stay strong without giving in. After all, I am in charge of what goes into my mouth and I must live with the consequences. As the old saying goes, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin!"

A close co-worker has rejoined WW and I have found it to be a big help. Most people here don't know I've joined WW because 80% of them are overweight, many moreso than me. This is my journey that a choose to only share with close friends. Now that K is following WW we share recipes, foods, etc. She'll bring me something and say, "try this, it's only 2 points!" and I do the same. It's a nice way to find new foods/recipes and share support. I have found it's easier for me to stay OP now that I have a partner in crime nearby!

My schedule this week is making it near impossible to attend a meeting but in a way that's okay. This is my first week of really being on track 100% and I'm afraid if I weigh in with another small gain this week I'll become more discouraged. Besides, I purchased the season pass which starts next week so I know I'll be able to afford meetings until the end of August. My own personal goal is to lose a significant amount of weight (within healthy guidelines of course) by the time my season pass expires. I will of course continue WW but I hope the summer will bring great results for me. It should...I'll have lots of fresh veggies in the garden and spend a lot of time gardening all summer long. Improve my eating and long as I stay committed, I can't go wrong!

This week's favorite meal has been Campbell's Select Gold Label "Italian Tomato with Basil & Garlic" soup for only 1 point per serving! It's not your average tomato soup; rich in flavor with natural bits of goodness. So I'm bad at descriptions - but it's just damn good! Friday night I chopped up some fresh zucchini, added some seasonings and sprayed with Mazola Olive Oil spray. I put it in a foil packet on the grill...very yummy!! I'm new to grilling and this was a definate keeper. I'll be making this frequently throughout the summer!

Have a great day!


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