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Friday, March 17, 2006

We'll Miss You Doggy

Yeah, our dog is gone now. Last night the family I've been talking to about him came to meet him and just fell in love with the pooch. They hadn't planned on it, but decided to take him home last night. I was relieved, my daughter was crushed. We both had a good cry as we were packing up his things. His new family seems super nice and they were very insistant that we come visit as much as we want to. They invited us to come over and grill out, and to join them on their boat on Lake Michigan. They want to buy a special gift/toy for my daughter, and insisted on sending me some money for him (which I of course declined, but would appreciate since I paid $300 for the pooch when we got him). We sent his favorite toys, kennel, treats, leashes, etc. along to help make the transition easier for everyone. Tonight they are going to call and let us know how he's adjusting. I have a deep-seeded fear that he'll be more than a handful for them and that they'll have second thoughts when they realize just how much of a puppy he really is. I told them, but of course he was on his best behavior the entire time they were there. I told them we'd gladly take him back if they had any problems/doubts once they got him home. They wanted us to come visit him in the next day or two but I think that would only make things worse right now. My daughter agreed; we should wait at least a week until he settles in a bit and we stop crying.

My daughter absolutely fell apart once he was gone. Screaming, hitting, even ripped a picture off the wall. I've never seen her act that way; her heart was broken and she didn't know how to deal with it. And that of course got me crying again, feeling like a crappy mom. Oh what an emotional night it was! I feel like I have a bad hangover today and didn't have a drop to drink. Once she totally exhausted herself she calmed down and apologized and went back to her rational self (then almost immediately fell asleep). She was better this morning and I even got her to admit that it WAS nice to not have to deal with that hyper dog this morning while trying to get ready for school. And she still has "her" dog and 2 cats, so it's not like she's petless. Now she'll be able to take more responsibility for her animals - before I always took the dogs out because mine was such a handful and 2 dogs were just too much for her to take out. Her dog doesn't even need to be on a leash outside so she can handle him just fine on her own.

In between her sadness and the meltdown, I asked what she would like to do tonight...something special (to keep her busy/distracted). She asked to have a "family night" - do each other's hair and nails, eat junk food, watch movies, play games and sleep in the living room. Makes me feel proud to know she wants to spend the evening with me!

So needless to say, my emotional eating binges have certainly been a problem the last few days. At this point I'm not even trying to stop it. I'm not weighing in this week; that would only discourage me more. I'm allowing myself to "do what I need to do" through tonight and tomorrow it's back on my points and exercising without exception. No more failure! I'm going to try and combat this past week's sins as much as possible before next weekend so I can get that scale heading in the right direction again. I know what you may be's a DOG!!!! But he was a member of our family for the last 1-1/2 years. My daughter already lost her dad and brother and to be honest, this hit her worse than when the other 2 moved out (although she was a lot younger then). The hardest part is behind us and there's nowhere to go but forward now. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to sleep on the floor tonight but I'm so (emotionally) exhausted that I don't think it will be a problem. I don't even have the energy to dig the air matress out of the basement.


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