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Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm sick. Not sick enough to stay in bed all day, but sick enough that I feel like crap and just walking to the bathroom is exhausting. But I went to work so that's 2 points for me. This is the start of a sinus infection - I've had enough in my lifetime to accurately self-diagnose the symptoms. Fortunately I had some leftover prescriptions for the last infection (January) so I hope to be better sooner than later.

My energy and concentration levels are so low that this will be a short entry; sorry if it makes no sense. I skipped WW last week and this week I'm under the gun to correct as much damage as possible. The last 1-2 weeks have been rough for me, especially the whole DOG thing. But that's over and done with and I'm loving my new-found freedom at home (translation: I'm thrilled to be able to move from room to room in my house without climbing/moving baby gates!). The guilt and sadness is just about gone so today is Restart Week 1 for me. I'm back to eating lots of soup and bringing healthy snacks to work. Now if only I can get past the nighttime binges again...


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