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Monday, March 06, 2006

Fell off the Wagon

Damn it, I fell off the wagon BIG TIME over the weekend. I think I ate 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, or was it 4...I lost count. Eating out was more difficult than I anticipated, mostly because I had several nights of nighttime binging, which led to hunger pangs during the day, restless nights with little sleep, and a bloated feeling mixed with a sense of utter shame. I've probably consumed more than my total weekly allowance of points and it's only Monday. And obviously I can't refrain from eating for the next 4 days so I'll need to be extremely careful.

I did spend a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday preparing healthy foods. I made a big pot of split pea soup which I love. I chopped up lots of fresh veggies for the upcoming week and rationed out food portions for snacks. Tonight is the big meatloaf dinner at my parent's house, which I'm worried I'll BLOW because my food choices have been so poor lately. I actually figured out the point values for each item I'll be eating tonight. I now realize I have to measure each item I put on my plate instead of the usual 'eat till I'm too stuffed to move' when it comes to mom's meatloaf dinners. I also have decided what I'll eat for the entire day including snacks and already recorded each item and their values in my journal. There's no room for error today!


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