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Monday, March 13, 2006

Come Back One-der Land!

Wow, my daily titles are sure a good indication of what this new lifestyle has been for me...good one day, bad the next, good again, bad again...Time to break that cycle!

This weekend was a rough one, but still not a complete regression back to my old ways. I won't even go into the details because it's all so blah, blah, blah! This moment in time is all that matters now since the past is the past. I stepped on the scale this morning to see a perfect "200.0" - WAH!!! Part of it can be contributed to my falters over the weekend and part of it can be attributed to the good 'ole PMS fairy. I woke on Saturday and The Girls were so swollen and sore that I resorted to wearing a sports bra all weekend for added support. The $5 Wal-Mart bras I usually wear just aren't doing the trick these days! I've committed myself to a heavy dose of water consumption this week, along with sticking to my points without failure the rest of the week. No room for error here! I'd really hate to see the WW scale creep up at my next weigh in. I'll accept maintaining my weight from last week but refuse to slide backwards. Last week's weigh in was at 198.0, down exactly 5.8 lbs. from my first weigh in on February 17th. I get to celebrate reaching "One-der Land" AND a 5 lb. weight loss at the next meeting...wouldn't it be a shame if I lost it all before then?

Fortunately I have lots of fresh veggies at home to help me through the next several days. I've discovered a new favorite meal...I boil up some sliced zucchini, saute it up with some garlic and cherry tomatoes and top with a little feta cheese and Barilla marinara (with mushrooms). Yummy, filling, and low on points.

As for the dog...the Humane Society I wanted to send him to (they don't put down any dog they deem adoptable, they keep them until they find a proper home) is in a neighboring county and state law prohibits them from accepting surrenders from outside the county. So back to square one. I talked extensively with a trainer (who knows my dog well) and got some great ideas. Seems he's not a mean dog (which I know); he just needs to learn who the boss is in the house, and it's NOT him! I've begun using the new techniques and so far so good. Maybe there's hope for us yet. I hope to have my home return to its peaceful and happy state before summer arrives.

I don't think anyone reads my blog, which is fine; but I did change the title from "Not By Chance" (as in, I won't lose the weight by chance, it takes hard work) to "Kill the Muffin-Top!" because it seems more aggressive and accurate. :)


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