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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bye Bye Doggy

Yesterday I came to the long overdue but badly needed decision to find a new home for one of our dogs. He's a sweet and loving dog but still full of lots of puppy energy. It's not fair to him that he's left in his cage for countless hours each day while I'm at work. And as a single mom, I have limited "free" time for walking him, and my daughter is not old enough to walk him alone (and likewise, I can't walk him while she's in bed and home alone). He deserves so much more than we can give him. And because he still has a lot of puppy left in him, we can't leave him uncaged and unattended....he likes to seek and destroy.

My daughter cried, I cried, but we both agree that it's best for us and for him. So I made a few calls to some fellow dog-lovers including the owner of the kennel where we took him for boarding and training. She's going to put some feelers out for us and hopefully the right family will welcome him into their home. I don't want to take him to the Humane Society and risk him being put down. I really don't think that would happen because he's a younger, housebroken Cockapoo, good with other animals and kids. And he's so darn cute! He just deserves better.

This decision left me with an overwhelming feeling of guilt and failure. Yet I know it's the best decsion, and I know once he's gone I'll have a HUGE burden lifed from my shoulders. I just hope it happens quickly so I can get this all behind me. My eating habits over the last several days have been disappointing, if not shameful. At this point I'm not worried about how much I'll lose at Thursday's weigh-in but rather how much I'll gain this week. I didn't stick to my guns last night with the meatloaf dinner, mostly because dinner got pushed back rather late and by the time we ate I was very hungry. Not to mention the surprise bacon-wrapped water chestnuts mom made....YUM!

This morning I've started "fresh" with my eating habits and points. There's no sense dwelling on the last few days, I can't change it now. Onward soldier!!


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