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Friday, February 03, 2006


Although there was never any doubt, we survived our Visitors last night. In fact, Flavor of the Month stayed in the car and the Ex was eager to get out of my house so things went good. In fact, the asshole called exactly 2-1/2 hours and was ready for our DD to be picked up. Gee, that was worth the 80 mile drive...NOT! The lovebirds never bothered to tell our DD they are expecting this summer, yet they discussed it at dinner with the other adults. DUH, the kid is 8 years old and and very smart for her age...didn't he realize that she is smart enough to understand what they were talking about?! IDIOTS, that's all I can say. Fortunately my DD's 2 yr old cousin was there the entire time and my DD adores her, so her night went great. Not because of her dad, but because she got to play with her cousin.

So I did cave and buy a box of Zebra Cakes last night to "comfort" myself. I allowed myself 1 box, then I'm being cut off again. Although I slept for shit (must've woke a half dozen times) I somehow mananged to not scarf down the entire box. This is a good thing people! And better yet, my gut feels like I have rocks in it. I guess I was so used to my body feeling completely shitty for so long that I took it as the norm; now that I've been making healthier food choices over the last few weeks my body really doesn't appreciate when I load it up with sugar. Guess my body is just doing what it's supposed to...too bad I feel so crappy today as a result. It's rebelling against the sugar I pumped it with last nigh and the fact I slept like crap. I feel like I've been hit by a bus. But it's all behind me now, so onward soldier!!


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