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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


That old phrase..."out of sight, out of mind" sure hits home today. Seems I haven't been so good about writing in my journal except on the days I'm eating healthy. But earlier this week I made myself a promise that I would record everything I ate even when it's really bad. This morning I did some calculating and realized that my eating really is out of control, moreso than I realized.

Yesterday I ate unhealthy and I knew it. But I didn't realize just how damaging my habits were until I saw these numbers:

Calories: 2652
Fat: 121
Carbs: 231
Protein: 153
Fiber: 22

OMG!! The worst part is, I haven't calcuated in the chocolate I ate during the night because the bag is at home and I don't have the "nutritional values" (or lack there of) with me here at work. So I think it's safe to say I consumed over 3,000 calories yesterday which is MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount I should be eating. Sadly, I ate a healthy breakfast, healthy snacks during the day, and didn't go completely overboard on the nighttime binging (much less than I usually do).

As depressing as this is, in a way it's somewhat comforting. If this is a normal, not watching what I eat day, it's no wonder I'm at my all-time high weight. This should mean that if I start exercising regularly and start eating only healthy, nutritional foods, the weight should start to come off, right? It's not like I've been eating healthy and exercising consistently and hit a plateau; there's nowhere to go but down (in weight) if I start living a healthy lifestyle.

I had lentil soup for breakfast - loaded with fiber & protein but low on fat and calories. I brought soy crisps, yogurt and a peach for snacks at work. Not sure what I'll have for lunch, but I can guarantee it won't be a Big Mac and large fries! Maybe a sub from Subway (one of the low-fat subs) since I don't plan on making a big meal tonight. I can't go over my daily calorie allowance today...I just can't.

Saturday night I am attending a dinner at church and the menu is pre-selected: chips & salsa, wet burito, Spanish rice and fried ice cream. No way of getting around that meal. And in 2 weeks it's my birthday, so that will be a "free day" because afterall, I only turn 35 once! Other than that, I'm making the firm committment to myself right here and now to make healthy food choices at all times.

I think I need to start using a meal planning chart to help me know ahead of time what I'll be eating for meals and snacks. Hopefully this will help me stay on track and be more prepared in the kitchen.

I've just hit rock bottom. I've been slapped in the face with the realization of just how damaging my eating habits (and lack of exercise) are. I've gotta grow up and do what's best for me now. There's no more putting off till tomorrow. The time is NOW!


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