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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hike in the Woods

It's amazing to me how my attitude has changed since I first started blogging in January to where I am right now. I've started caring more about my appearance when I leave the house (in other words, I actually put on makeup and wear my contacts; I even find myself wearing lip gloss or lipstick once in awhile - gasp!). The other night I was changing and my daughter (she's 8) said, "mom, you're skinnier!" I think she was just trying to make me feel good, and it worked. The weight is coming off slowly since joining WW but it IS coming off. I'm losing inches and the scale is slowly creeping in the right direction. Obviously I haven't lost enough weight to make a noticeable difference in my appearance (yet!) but I really do feel different about myself. I'm not depressed, and I have an underlying sense of pride for changing my habits. I feel lighter on my feet and feel thinner; I don't feel like the same fat blob who used to continue to grow each day. Mentally and emotionally I fee like a new woman!

Saturday my daughter & I decided to take the dogs for a walk at a nearby 4-H park. We followed the only set of foot prints into the woods since the trails were covered from last week's snowstorm. We ended up following the LONG trail which I'd never been on. It was great, but what a workout!! Tromping thru the deep snow for an hour really gave my body a workout. My boots felt like they were filled with lead by the time we got back to the car and I could barely lift my feet off the ground by that point. We all had fun, including the dogs. The little one (he's less than 5 pounds) had to be carried half way through the hike because the snow was deeper than he was tall. Our other dog (he's about 12 pounds) LOVED the challenge and I've finally found a way to burn off that puppy energy he has. Needless to say, everyone slept good Saturday night!


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