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Monday, February 06, 2006

Grocery Shopping 101

Yesterday I went grocery shopping again, which seems to be a frequent event for me lately. This might sound surprising to some, but when your diet consists of McDonalds, Subway, the vending machines at work, and at least 2 nights eating "out" each week, there really is little need for major grocery shopping. Add in a kid who can't stand eating meat and would live on pure carbs if I let her, and at any given moment my fridge was stocked with very little, and even less nutrition. When I bought my house last summer I opted for an economical fridge; no ice maker, a not-so-big freezer (after all, that was only for storing ice cream and margarita mix). It's not small, but certainly not big enough to meet my needs these days.

I spent nearly an hour wandering the big, new Pick 'N Save in a nearby town (we don't have grocery stores in the town I live in). I had my list ready: fresh fruits & veggies, yogurt, lean meat, etc. I now realize that Wisconsin winters SUCK for fresh produce. What I wouldn't give to have my garden producing these goods for me now that I actually appreciate them! Anyway, I spent my time reading labels very carefully. I've done this often over the years, but I always knew what I was looking for: low fat, no sugar, etc., always dependant on the way of eating I was currently practicing. Now, for the first time in 34 years, I'm trying to eat healthy foods. Whole foods. Foods without a bunch of ingredients I don't know the names of. I've never practiced this lifestyle before and let me tell ya, it's damn confusing!! My mind is trained to think "low fat" or "no sugar" (SBD). And although I've had past success with these diets, ironically I'm at my all time high weight! I've done diet pills (phentermine was awesome) and every diet under the sun except Atkins. I'm trying to balance the amount of protein, fat, carbs, etc. in a normal, healthy way. And it's NOT EASY!!! And finding healthy, whole natural foods in this area is even harder. I wanted some sunflower seeds to add to my only choice was the dry roasted can of Fisher's, found in the Snack Isle next to the chips. I wanted to try hummus on whole grain pitas for a snack...nana. (I've since looked up recipes for hummus and will give it a try, although the only pitas around here are NOT very healthy).

So what's my point of this post? Same as most...endless rambling. But it was nice to select healthy foods, and yet very uneasy to my diet-minded brain. I'm completely convinced (after lots of research) that the best possible thing I can do for my body is to choose healthy, natural foods and get my ass moving each and every day. And someday, somehow, if I treat my body like the temple it is, my weight and fitness will all balance out. It's gonna take a long time and a lot of retraining my brain (don't forget I have binging issues to add in the mix) but if I stick to it, I (and my daughter) will be better for it in the end.

I have a younger sister who's a size 2, works out almost every day, and looks like a twig. I used to be SO jealous of her, and jealous that she has the time to go to the Y for 1-2 hours each day while her kids are in school and I'm working. Yet she's a stick. She has no curves. Never has, never will. She gets that from our father's side of the family. I on the otherhand inherited the curves like my mom's side has. Saturday she called and asked what I was doing...I was making a pot of lentil soup. "Oh, I envy you" she said. I wanted to smack her, skinny bitch that she is. Turns out she still eats crap and eats whatever, whenever she wants. Sure she has the skinny ("good") genes, but in the end I'll have something she doesn't: good health and respect for myself. Look out world, here I come!!


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