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Friday, January 20, 2006

While the Cat's Away, the Mouse Will Play

Call me crazy, but I'm completely thrilled and yet terrified that my daughter is going away for the weekend for the first time without me. My heartless ex-husband (a.k.a. Shit For An Excuse Of A Father) doesn't take our daughter for visitation so I'm basically a single mom who never gets a break. I was lucky enough to go to Cancun for three nights back in Feb. of 2003 and although that was tough for me to be gone and not able to call her, this is almost worst. When I was in Cancun I had plenty of margaritas and sunshine to keep me distracted, plus I knew she was with my parents, her special grandparents. This weekend she's going up to a cabin with a friend and her parents. Turns out her friend's grandpa is my boss (I'm his assistant) and he will be there with his wife. So I know everyone who will be there, but what a shock for my DD! Nine people in one big fancy lakefront house, filled with adults, kids & dogs (she's used to the dog part; we have 2). The house will seem so empty but after 6 years of being divorced and a full-time mom without any support, I'm ready for some serenity for a few days!

So what do I have planned for my 48 hours of Freedom? First of all, I'm taking the afternoon off of work (she leaves at Noon today). I'm gonna rent some movies...probably some chick flicks and some comedies I can't watch with her (like the 40 Year Old Virgin). Tonight its dinner, dancing & cocktails with the gals. Tomorrow morning I have a facial scheduled. And as for the rest of the weekend? Whatever happens, happens. I hope to get some much-needed "spring cleaning" done, but I also hope to sit around doing a bunch of nothing. Either way I intend to make the most of my time... :)


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