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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Parenthood 2

I need to vent. Last week I found out my shit-for-brains ex-husband has knocked up his current flavor of the month. "Kimmy" is only 24, he's 36; she's in college and is "so in love with him". What a FOOL!!! Been there, done that! And honey, he ain't gonna change...stronger women than you have tried. He already has 2 kids with 2 different women; his oldest son is 15 and our daughter is 8. They've been together about 8 months (half of which he was still living with his last fiance even though they were "broke up" - too bad his ex girlfriend didn't know it at the time).

I'm thrilled that he'll be suffering...he never wanted kids in the first place, they just tie him down too much. He likes his freedom, the bars, his buddies, and his honies. I figure 3am feedings and all night colic sessions will really put a damper on his spirits. For that I'm thankful. Yet I look at his kids and how they are suffering...he's already such an absent, selfish father filled with nothing but empty promises. Now he's bringing another kid into the world? Did I mention the dirtbag doesn't even own a car?! My poor DD wants a sibling SO she's getting one and knows she'll probably never get the chance to know it before her dad runs off with the next woman. Or worse yet, maybe she will get to know that baby before it's gone from her life, just like her older brother who chose a road of drugs, sex, gangs...he's not a "brother" to her anymore.

And then I wonder why I turned to food for comfort for so many years? Ah, but this latest little flavor of his is young, curvy and very short. She's gonna be as big around as she is tall in a few months...that will be fun to watch too! :)


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