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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

One Sick Cat...and Mouse

Go figure. Sunday my DD woke up sick and had to come home early. I woke with the same thing, only I had the pleasure of throwing up every ounce of liquid in my body, fortunately she was spared that part. But we both layed in bed more than two days fighting the fevers and drifting in and out of sleep. It was miserable. It left me drained and extremely weak & dizzy. Maybe because I didn't have the strength to make meals? We lived on freeze pops for 3 days, and finally switched to "buttered noodles" last night. I know I'm trying to lose weight but this is ridiculous! According to my scale I've lost 9 POUNDS since last week Monday. Now I know it's from not eating for 3 days and from throwing up what little I did try to eat. But this is nuts! I know this is a very temporary weight loss but I will admit it was impressive to see the numbers drop so fast. I expect to put at least 5 pounds back on in the next day or two as I try to rebuild my strength. Shame on me, I'm drinking a chocolate malt from the local variety store as I type. Yep, there's 500 calories blown shamelessly. But I don't even care. After being too sick to walk from one side of my tiny house to the other, I'm gonna enjoy this rich, creamy sinful treat! And ya know what? It might even be a Happy Meal night tonight because there's no way I will want to cook when I get home, and my DD deserves to have something other than freeze pops and buttered noodles to eat. It's taking every ounce of my energy to get thru the day at work today and worrying about dinner is the least of my worries.

Oh yeah, thanks to the Cold Sore Fairy who thought I'd enjoy breaking out all over my face with blistered sores. As if the internal aches and pains aren't bad enough - do you realize how hard the stomach muscles are worked with Dry Heaves? - now I have these painful and disgusting sores on my finally somewhat thinner face! The Ex BF says I'm still adorable...what a fool!

Thanks to Disney Channel for airing "High School Musical" this weekend. What a Godsend it was for my DD when she was sick in bed. I even seem to detect some of the same glimmer in her eyes that I had at that same age when I saw Grease in the theater...not that anything can compare to that classic but Troy and Gabriella seem to be today's generation of Danny and Sandy. At least there isn't the "bad boy really ends up being a good guy" storyline; I still think my "bad boy" issues date back to watching Danny Zuckow turn himself around for the right, sweet woman.

But that's a whole different story....


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