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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Getting Easier or Just Plain Dumb Luck?!

I'm not sure how, or why, but yesterday was increasingly easier to follow a healthy eating plan. It still took focus and comittment, but it sure didn't feel like misery to me. I found myself anxiously making healthier food choices by being completely concious of everything I ate.

Even last night when faced with a wide variety of unhealthy choices at a church dinner function, I made the best possible choices given the situation. I brought my own bottle of water instead of drinking the whole milk and Kool-Aid I knew would be offered. I chose one sandwhich instead of the two being offered to everyone; sure it was baked ham & cheese on a bun, but it could've been worse I guess. I took one small scoop of German potato salad and by-passed the wide variety of chips and cookies. When my DD didn't finish her sandwhich I tossed it instead of finishing it as to not be wasteful. Overall I was pleased with my choices, although I would rather have saved the calories & fat grams for something more enjoyable. Best part was I left the table feeling stuffed (thanks in part to the pint of water I drank with dinner) when previously I would've gone for larger portions or seconds.

During the day yesterday I didn't have my usual cravings for filler foods. I ate lean turkey breast at lunch and snacked on a tangerine in the afternoon. I didn't get hungry until late afternoon when I was leaving work to pick up a few groceries. Normally that would be the kiss of death for me but yesterday I stayed strong. I selected several fresh produce items and then went over to the lean meats. I never did go down the isles, as that's where the greatest "temptations" are. I then went over to Dairy and bought a few more essentials.

Even with the church dinner fiasco I still managed (unintentionally) to stay far below my calorie allowance for the day. I knew that would affect my appetite today would be strong due to the lack of yesterday's calorie intake. I was prepared by starting the day with a banana nut shake made with yogurt, skim milk, banana and almond slices, and had 2 hard boiled eggs. I brought a yummy Lean Cuisine meal for lunch, and had more fruit as a snack. I'm actually looking forward to making a big, fresh salad tonight which is something I can't ever honestly remember saying before!

I know what you may be thinking, my choices might not appear to be a big deal. But I didn't get to be 200 lbs. by regularly eating fruits & veggies. In fact, they were very scarce from my diet, as was drinking water. I now drink about a half can of Diet Mountain Dew a day; I used to drink several per day. This is a big change for me and I feel great that I'm doing it. I know I could be doing better, but I want to learn to like healthy foods, not eat them because I know I should. I don't want to starve myself, and I don't want to force myself to eat things I don't truly enjoy.

On the nighttime binging topic...another night of NO EATING between 9pm and breakfast this morning! I did falter and have some cheese popcorn before that, but I didn't sit down with the bucket and start scarfing. I took out a bowl and measuring cup and rationed out a proper serving. Yeah me!!

I forgot my food journal sitting on the kitchen counter this morning and I feel like I'm in withdrawl. Never would I have imagined I'd look forward to putting down on paper what I ate and the nutritional value! But I do, and that makes me feel damn proud!!


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